Licensing Agreement: 

The Real Estate photography session includes a non-exclusive usage license granting rights only to __ client name___ (buyer of services). Images may be used on websites, blogs, MLS and in printed brochures for the purpose of selling the property for the life of the listing and/or until the listing agreement between the seller and agent(s) ends. Following the sale of the property or end of the agent/seller agreement, images may also be used to promote __clients name__'s services in the form of portfolio books, on personal/corporate websites and printed brochures. This license is not transferable to any third party. Additional fees are required for publication of the photos in any local or national magazines, newspapers, etc. Additional licensing inquiries can be directed to Copyright of all images is retained by Fair Market Photo and Brad Ahlm. All Rights Reserved. 


Terms of Service: 

Properties are photographed in as-is condition. Please make sure that the property is clean and "photo-ready" when I arrive at our scheduled time. I may make minor adjustments to suit a composition, however I do not offer any staging services. 


Payment is due at the time of the photo shoot. Cash and checks are accepted as well as credit card via a PayPal card reader. If payment is not able to be made at the time of the photo shoot, a PayPal invoice may be sent by email and payments may be made by any method that PayPal accepts, a PayPal account is not required to make a payment. Delivery of photos may be postponed until full payment has been made.


Photos are delivered digitally only - MLS-sized photos are delivered by email and a download link will be available on all Virtual Tours providing print-sized photos. Virtual Tours expire after one year, renewal is available for $30/year.