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"Brad Ahlm's images are excellent. I love the way he covered the soccer game as to capturing the action as well as moving around the field at different angles. The image quality looked great as well as the image exposures where he is on point. But over all I think he has an eye to get the shot. Great work."  &  "Brad, I looked at your images and they look great. You did a nice job covering the (Sacramento Kings) game from the start to finish….. Great work. I also was looking at your real estate photos and those are fantastic they look beautiful as well."

Terrell Lloyd - Team Photographer for the San Francisco 49ers.


"Brad has been shooting my listings for almost 2 years now. I can honestly say that he has become an important part of my marketing plan on every listing. Since he started doing my photos I noticed quicker marketing times and more leads!  Most agents don't realize the importance of good photos. When people are looking online you have seconds to draw them in. Rest assured if Fair Market Photo is shooting your listings you will have that appeal. I highly recommend Brad for photos, video, and virtual tours. Don't short change your listings call Brad and do it right. "

Justin Johnson -  President Johnson & Johnson Real Estate



"Cal OES is proud of Brad Ahlm and his accomplishments." 

King for a Day - a California OES Blog Post by Robert Mayberry


"You did AMAZING. The shots look great"  &  "You already have the eye and drive to become a great sports photographer"

Sacramento Kings Staff


Brad Ahlm was also featured on KCRA 3 - the video contained footage from a Sacramento Kings game, which cannot be re-broadcast without express written consent of the NBA. That video will be posted here when permission has been granted.


Want to leave a review? I would love it if you could do so on Google or Yelp.