Do you do Drone/Aerial Photography?

No. for the following reasons..

A Different Skill Set: 

The typical drone is equipped with a GoPro (or similar) small camera which is operated in automatic mode - the operator of the drone (or "Aerial Photographer") has nearly zero need to have any knowledge of photography. The operator of the drone does have to have the skill set to fly the drone while pointing a wide angle camera in the general direction of a home. That being said, I fly (racing) drones as a hobby, and find Real Estate Aerial Photography to be personally unrewarding in both the flying and the "photography" involved.

The Cost of Doing Business: 

I have determined that the cost of doing business (owning and maintaining the equipment, and the required commercial drone license, the liability insurance, the time involvement, etc.) is simply too high to make an adequate profit as a drone operator in the Real Estate market. After carefully considering the matter, the minimum that I could charge and be adequately profitable would start at $500, which is outside of the marketing budget for 99.9% of listings. That being said, it is my opinion that you should be skeptical of any drone photography business which operates for a fraction of that cost.

My recommendations: 

Please be aware that I am not a lawyer, but my understanding is YOU as the agent can be held equally liable as the operator of the drone would be in case an accident (or tragedy) occurs. I suggest that you insist on seeing proof of the drone operators' commercial license and liability insurance, and find someone who is a responsible and experienced drone pilot (1,000's of hours of flight time). If you are determined to have aerial photos taken of your listing, I would recommend finding a drone operator who is: 1. commercially licensed (Part 107) AND 2. covered by liability insurance specifically for commercial drone use - this insurance should have a high enough limit to cover any lawsuits resulting from wrongful death(s). Even better: consider having the homeowner have someone do it for them without your involvement (again, I am not a lawyer, but this seems like the best way to keep yourself out of liability, even if you end up paying for the licensing of the photos for commercial use after they have been safely created). Also, check with your brokerage and MLS as rules may vary.

A Final Note: 

If I take the terrestrial photos for your listing, I have no problem doing the editing work on the aerial photos and/or adding them to a Virtual Tour.