Our Common Goal: Produce photos that make your clients’ home as appealing as possible.

Our Appointment: An appropriate amount of time will be scheduled in order to photograph the home. This amount of time is appropriate for a home that the photographer has a “green light” to take photos of the home upon arrival. Additional time can be scheduled in advance, if it is foreseeable that it may be necessary.

Photographer Responsibility: The photographer is responsible to arrive to the scheduled appointment, with functional equipment, ready to photograph the home. The photographer is responsible for delivering completed photos to the agent.

Agent Responsibility: It is the agent’s responsibility to verify that the home is ready prior to the arrival of the photographer. For the purpose of our appointment, it is not the responsibly of the photographer, the owner(s), tenant(s), contractor(s), or any other party(s) to verify that the home is prepared to the agent’s standards. Therefore, if home readiness is of any concern to the agent, it is expected that the agent pre-visit the home, assist the owner in preparation, and arrive early enough to the appointment to verify/improve the home’s readiness to satisfy the agent’s standards. If the home is not ready for photos at the beginning of the appointment, the photographer will photograph the house “as-is” upon arrival. The photographer is not responsible for any deficiencies of home preparation, whether or not those deficiencies are apparent in the photos. 

Cleaning: The level of cleanliness is up to the agent’s personal standards. Cleaning must be completed before the scheduled time of our appointment. 

Clutter: Assume that the photographer will take photos from every possible angle, and that there will not be time to declutter (or move items) once our appointment begins. If rooms have been temporarily decluttered for photos, the clutter should not be moved into an area that will need to be photographed, the clutter could be moved to an area that will not be photographed (such as the garage or a spare room).

Furniture: Please do not ask or expect the photographer to move furniture (or anything else for that matter).

Staging/Decor: Additional time should be scheduled (in advance) if staging/decor will be moved from one room to another during the photoshoot. 

Third Parties: Be sure that third parties (such as other contractors) will not be on-site at the same time as our appointment. Arrangements should be made with any homeowners/tenants, kids, pets, etc to be clear of the areas being photographed.

Additional On-Site Time: It is the agent’s responsibility to eliminate distractions to the photography process, and to schedule additional time (at additional cost) in advance if it is foreseeable that additional time will be required to complete the photos. If additional time is required, but has not been scheduled in advance, the photographer may have to leave the home without completing all of the photos, in this event, the agent is responsible to pay the entire amount of the photoshoot. If additional time is required, the photographer may extend the appointment beyond the scheduled time, if the photographer can accommodate, at additional cost ($50 per 30min).

Cancelations/Rescheduling: It is the agent’s responsibility to keep the appointment once scheduled. Cancelations/Rescheduled appointments will be handled with as much grace as possible. Within 24 hours of the appointment a cancelation fee (up to the full amount of the photoshoot) may be charged.

Agent “No-Show” or Late Arrival: It is the agent’s responsibility to provide safe and timely access to all areas of the home that are to be photographed. Although it is acceptable, in some situations, that the agent will plan to be absent from our appointment, the agent retains all of the responsibilities as if the agent were present. The agent retains the responsibility to pay for the entire appointment, even if (for any reason) access to any (or all) of the home is locked/unavailable during the appointment. This includes failures of a third party (including homeowner/tenant, contractor, etc), incorrect combo box code, misplaced key, malfunctioning lock, etc.

Payment: Payment is due when our appointment is scheduled, to reserve the date and time agreed upon. The photographer has agreed not made any other reservations or accepted any other clients for said period of time. For this reason, in the event that the client cancels the contract for any reason, all monies paid in this invoice may be retained by Brad Ahlm in order to offset the potential loss of business. 

Photo Delivery: Photos are delivered digitally. MLS sized photos are delivered by email and a download link for print-resolution photos is available through the Virtual Tour, if one was purchased. Virtual Tours expire after one year.

Licensing: The Real Estate photography session includes a non-exclusive usage license granting rights only to the paying agent (buyer of services). Images may be used on websites, blogs, MLS, and in print (locally, in the Sacramento region) for the sole purpose of selling the properties listed in this invoice. Using photos for any other marketing use requires additional licensing. This license is in effect for the life of the listing and/or until the listing agreement between the seller and agent(s) ends. The images and license is not transferable to any third party including other agents, builders, contractors, architects, stagers, home owners, investors, or any other third party. Additional licensing inquiries can be directed to fairmarketphoto@gmail.com. Copyright (ownership) of all images is retained by Brad Ahlm. All Rights Reserved.