Weather is less of a problem than most people think. I have five reasons why I think overcast days are no problem! First, if schedules are flexible - we can try to get the shoot scheduled to the clearest part of the day. Second, professional gear is "weather sealed" - far from submersible, but a little rain won't hurt! Third, the results look quite good - the light is nice and even when the sky is overcast and the camera can bring the vibrant colors back to life. Fourth, the interior photos look great too - without harsh sun coming through the windows, the interior of the home can shine even more. Here are a couple of examples of recent grey sky photoshoots:

Dodging Raindrops (click here to see the Virtual Tour)

Mostly Cloudy, Express Service (click here to see the Virtual Tour) 


Sky Replacement

My fifth and final point, an overcast day is a great candidate for sky replacement service! The lighting provided by an overcast sky is nearly the same as sunset. Believe it or not, the example below was a mid-day photoshoot, with a sky replacement. On completely overcast days I offer a discount on sky replacement service: just $25 for the entire set of exterior photos, or $10 for just the main exterior photo. 

Rainy Day Sky Replacement (click here to see the Virtual Tour)