Express Service

Express Service is designed to offer professional quality photography at the lowest possible price, without resorting to the low-quality “HDR” services that most of the low-cost competition offers. Starting at $100*, Express Service is designed to fit tighter budgets (or situations when on-site time must be kept to a minimum) while still providing unmistakably professional results. The same professional camera equipment is used for Express Service as is used for Signature level of service, but Express level of service makes a few compromises to achieve significantly reduced on-site time (20-30 minutes, utilizing 1-2 professional lights) and cost. Nobody offers better low-budget Real Estate Photography than Fair Market Photo’s Express Service. Standard delivery is the following day, usually in the morning.

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Your Name
Please book additional time for coverage of acreage. If you would like to have the highest quality photos, please check out: Signature Service
location fees are designed to allow service to be extended to any location, while keeping base prices as low as possible
Optional Add-Ons
please book add-ons in advance, as additional gear or on-site time may be required

Being able to produce the included number of photos at this level of high quality, and in the included amount of on-site time, requires the home to be 100% ready to photograph upon arrival. Payment is due at the time of the appointment by check, or can be paid in advance online.