Signature Service

Signature Service is designed to offer unsurpassed quality, while retaining a manageable price. Starting at $230*, Signature Service is designed to be the absolute highest quality of Real Estate Photography available. This quality is only possible through the use of careful composition, advanced lighting and editing techniques and the results look like the photos belong in a magazine. The amount of time on-site starts at about 1 - 1.5 hours and utilizes 5-6 professional off camera lights. The price is higher than Express Service, but there is no better value for this level of quality. Nobody offers better Real Estate Photography than Fair Market Photo's Signature Service. Photos are delivered the following day, usually early in the morning. I highly recommend this service when the owner has put the effort in to make the home look it's best.

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Please book additional time for coverage of acreage. If Signature prices are too high for this listing, please check out: Express Service
location fees are designed to allow service to be extended to any location, while keeping base prices as low as possible
Optional Add-Ons
please book add-ons in advance, as additional gear or on-site time may be required

Being able to produce the included number of photos at this level of high quality, and in the included amount of on-site time, requires the home to be 100% ready to photograph upon arrival. Payment is due at the time of the appointment by check, or can be paid in advance online.