Fair Market Photo Real Estate Photography Prices

Two levels of service are offered for the purpose of providing the best possible value for every agent, and for every listing. "Signature" and "Express" are both services that Fair Market Photo is proud to offer, and they represent the best quality for the dollar of any competing service. Signature Service is designed to offer unsurpassed quality, while retaining a manageable price... nobody offers better photos than Fair Market Photo's Signature Service. Express Service is designed to offer professional photography at the lowest possible price, all while retaining a quality that is much higher than the common "HDR" services that most of the low-cost competition offers. Nobody offers better low-budget Real Estate Photography than Fair Market Photo's Express Service.

Express vs Signature example:

Express Signature

As you can see in the example above, Express Service looks great, but Signature Service allows for significant improvements to the composition, lighting, coloring, balance, etc.

Signature Service

Starting at $230, Signature Service is designed to be the absolute highest quality of Real Estate Photography available. This quality is only possible through the use of careful composition, advanced lighting and editing techniques and the results look like the photos belong in a magazine. The amount of time on-site starts at about 1 - 1.5 hours for 25* photos in an average sized home, and is highly dependent on the size of the home and the number of photos being delivered. The price is higher than Express Service, but there is no better value for this level of quality. I highly recommend this service when the owner has put the effort in to make the home look it's best. *Being able to produce 25 photos of this high quality, and in such a tight time-frame, requires the home to be 100% ready to photograph upon arrival Additional mileage fees are added for some locations, click the button below to see prices and fees and to request an appointment. Additional photos and other add-ons are available click the button below to launch the prices/order form.

Express Service

Starting at $100, Express Service is designed to fit tighter budgets (or situations when on-site time must be kept to a minimum) while still providing unmistakably professional results.  The same professional camera equipment is used for Express Service as is used for Signature level of service, but Express level of service makes a few compromises to achieve significantly reduced on-site time and cost. The amount of on-site time is about 20 minutes for 25* photos in an average sized home. *Being able to produce 25 photos in such a tight time-frame requires the home to be 100% ready to photograph upon arrival. Express Service the right choice for listings with tenants (when keeping on-site time to a minimum is a huge benefit) or when the owner has not put the effort in to make the home look it's best. Additional mileage fees are added for some locations, click the button below to see prices and fees, and to request an appointment. Additional photos and other add-ons are available click the button below to launch the prices/order form.

V.I.P. Service

Both Signature and Express services require all photographed areas of the home and property to be 100% ready to photograph upon arrival - however, if you wish to do any directing of the photography session or or adjusting of staging and/or de-cluttering during our appointment, please be sure to book extra time in advance, as we will not schedule enough time to accommodate these kind of delays otherwise.

Either Signature or Express service can be customized to meet your needs. Add-On services are available in each of the prices/order form menus. Anything is possible, so if you want something that is not on this list, just ask for an estimate.

Home Readiness

A quick note on home-readiness: both levels of service are based on a home that is ready for photos - with the standard amount of time scheduled, the home will be shot 99-100% "as-is" upon arrival. Everyone's standard of readiness is different so please take it upon yourself to arrive early enough to satisfy that your standard of home readiness is met before our appointment begins. That being said, I have photographed many homes that were unashamedly "lived in" (to put it nicely) - and that is OK with me, as long as that is OK with you - professional photography will still help. Please have the home ready with all lights are turned on, blinds opened, ceiling fans turned off, no vehicles parked in the driveway, and pets out of sight for the duration of our appointment. Please schedule additional time (in advance) if you or the owner (or stager) may want to rearrange furniture/decorations during the shoot, or if there are others working on site such as gardeners, window cleaners, stagers, buyers agents etc, or if you wish to "look over my shoulder" (which is fine with me, but it requires more time). The amount of time that I will schedule to be on-site is just the right amount of time for me to create great images without being rushed or distracted. Please mention your need for "Additional Time On-Site" if it is foreseeable that more time may be required.


The listed prices apply to Real Estate Agents only and are subject to change. Images may be used on websites, blogs, MLS, and in print (locally, in the Greater Sacramento region) for the sole purpose of selling the photographed property. Using photos for any other purpose requires additional licensing. This license is in effect for the life of the listing and/or until the listing agreement between the seller and agent(s) ends. The license for usage of images is granted only to the agent who commissioned the work and is not transferable to any third party including other agents, builders, contractors, architects, stagers, home owners, investors, or any other third party. Additional licensing inquiries can be directed to fairmarketphoto@gmail.com. Copyright of all images is retained by Fair Market Photo and Brad Ahlm. All Rights Reserved.

Payment is due to reserve the appointment. Cancellations on the day of the photoshoot are subject to a $50 cancellation fee. An agent no-show (or cancellation after photographer has departed for the appointment) is subject to a $100 no-show fee, (plus additional mileage, if applicable). The agent is responsible for this fee even in the case of an arrangement where the agent would not be on-site, but the photographer could not access the property for any reason outside of the photographer's control (ex. homeowner no-show, wrong address provided, locked out of the home, etc.)